Tugging on the Reigns


May 7, 2009...

I had a conversation today with someone going through an extended period of depression. It hasn't been just a few days. In her case, it has turned into a number of weeks...soon to be a couple of months.


Undoubtedly, most of us can relate to struggling through tough times. Assuredly, we've all rode that "Depression Horse" that seems to keep carrying us further and further into the dark woods.

And no matter what, giving a tug on the reigns for the horse to stop just doesn't seem in our power.

But it is.

Most depression results from flat out negative thinking that just gets stronger and stronger. Our negative thoughts are just NOT symptoms of the depression we are feeling; they are the cause. Continually ruminating on a problem and then applying a "Whoa is me!" negative-attitude extra is a sure-fire way to bring on the blues. It's a prescription for Depression Hell.

If you want to rid yourself from the darkness of depression, don't lose yourself in over-drinking, over-eating, or any of those other mindless self-sabotaging "joys" we bring into our lives.


Change everything. Your attitude. Your thoughts. Your physical activity. Your effort.

Heck...I know "change" seems brutally hard at times. But it's hard ONLY because you have convinced yourself it is. To remove the shackles of depression, you need to be willing to pick up the key laying next to you and unchain yourself.

Failure is a fact of life. Bad news happens. Disappointments are sure to visit our world. But do yourself a favor, and get over them. Problems are NOT fatal. Problems are only temporary. Life does get better.

Good times...bad times...neither last forever.

What will last and make each experience more rich in its individual value, however, is learning how to deal positively with whatever comes your way.

And that is the goal.

Because when we get to that point in our lives, never again do we allow the "Depression Horse" to run wild. We develop the power to tug on the reigns.

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