Your Chance


May 10, 2009...

Today is a special day.

It's a day when mom's are celebrated. 

Memories are reborn. Brunches are shared; and...chances are...executives at 1-800-FLOWERS and Hallmark pop champagne bottles. 

But thank goodness for having a Mom, huh?

Because having had a mother means we have a chance to be here. Alive. Breathing. 

Having had a mother means we have a chance to laugh...and dream...and create...and clap...and think...and feel...and experience. Having had a mother means that we are lucky to have won the "Life Lottery" and gotten our chance to play on this unbelievable, unexplainable playground.

So 5/10/09 is really twice the celebration.

It's a day to celebrate moms...of course. 

But it's also a chance to celebrate the fact that we were given our chance. Our chance to shine. Our chance to love. Our chance to risk. Our chance to chase our heart's passion. Our chance to live the fairytale of our imagination.

To my mother I say, "Thank you, Mom...for my chance."

To you I say, "Are you doing what you want with YOUR chance?"

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