What Excuses Do You Use?


August 4, 2012...
"I'll do it tomorrow." (Ever said that?)

"I'm tired...it can wait." (This one's always a sure-fire keeper!)
"Oh...what's one more day?" (Oh, yeah! That's definitely a good one, isn't it?)
Excuses...those momentarily hopeful phrases that always turn the "now" into the "later." Excuses make us feel better for an instant, but use them too often and they can wage war on our goals and success.
It's incredibly easy to submit to the inclination to do the less challenging and less demanding task, isn't it? But instead, wouldn't it be nice if we developed the penchant to do the activity that truly is the best for us at any given moment? Can you imagine how much our lives would really change if we only stopped listening to our own excuses?

Shawn Anderson

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