Why Do We Take the Easy Road?


August 5, 2012…

Why do we take the easy road? It's because taking the easy road requires less thinking. It's because taking the easy road demands less energy. It's because taking the easy road requires less willpower. And often, taking the HIGH road (the more productive, positive, and valuable road) isn't as appealing as watching Entertainment Tonight.
Choosing to watch E.T. is just our brain trying to convince us that the Kate Hudson television interview has more value than doing something to positively move us forward. It doesn't matter if it's starting the laundry, reading a self-help book...or working on your own book. Whatever goal YOU have...whatever productive activity that will give you a feeling of accomplishment and victory...well...at that moment, we convince ourselves it's "okay" to let it slide.
But is it really "okay"? What do we truly gain by taking the "easy out" at any moment?

Shawn Anderson

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