Are You Self-Sabotaging Yourself?


August 14, 2012..

Throughout history, parables have always found their place in the arsenal of writers. In my own reading and learning, I love them because they have immense potential to reinforce powerful principles in ways that are colorful and easy to remember.
Here is one that reminds us to avoid self-sabotage and "stinging" ourselves:
Desperately desiring to cross the river, the scorpion begged the frog for help. "If I could only ride on your back as you cross, I could make it," the scorpion pleaded.
Of course, the frog knew about the scorpion's deadly reputation and was, therefore, hesitant to honor the scorpion's request. "If I were to let you ride on my back, how can I be sure that you won't sting me?" the frog questioned.
"How could I sting you after you were so kind as to help me cross the river?" the scorpion replied. What the frog lacked in brains, he made up in kindness. He agreed to help his new friend. 
Riding securely on the frog's back, the scorpion held on tightly as the adventure began. Halfway across the river, however, the temptation to sting the frog grew too strong. The scorpion succumbed to the pressure and stung his companion.  
"How could you sting me?" cried the frog. "Now we're both going to die!" 
As the two started to sink to their death, all the scorpion could say is, "I'm sorry. I guess it was just my nature."

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