It's the Little Victories That Keep Us Climbing


August 21, 2012…

It’s easy to get so caught up chasing the big goal prize that all the little “wins” along the way seem inconsequential. We forget to celebrate the awesome little victories that make up the journey of getting to the grand prize.
That’s really crummy.
When we take the time to relish our own small successes, we give ourselves the fuel to keep chugging up the mountain going after the big one. When we ignore the small triumphs, the process loses its fun, we lose our steam and everything becomes just one gigantic effort.  
And that’s really, really crummy.
Enjoy ALL the victories (no matter the size)…the calls, the emails, the opportunities. You will smile a lot more and have more fun if you do.

Shawn Anderson

Best-selling Author
Motivational Keynote Speaker
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