“Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?”


August 29, 2012…

"Wet blankets" are pessimists whose words and actions eliminate any forward momentum of discovery and fun. Wet Blanket Lessons are the poignant lessons that can be ascertained from those who emphatically believe, "It can't be done!"

WET BLANKET QUOTE: "Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?" - Harry Warner, Warner Brothers Pictures, 1927 
WET BLANKET LESSON: If we spend life listening to “professionals” who tell us to avoid risks and to put the pursuit of a goal on the back burner, we’ll finish life with more regrets than successes.
WET BLANKET APPLICATION: Have you taken to heart a pessimistic voice that told you, "Don't do it!"? Is someone else's limited vision becoming your own limited vision?

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