Four Routines I Follow


September 9, 2012…

There are some routines that we can follow that create ordinary existences. On the other hand, there are routines that we can also follow that can create extraordinary lives. Positive, grounded, dynamic living...successful all about what routines we choose to add to our lives.
Here are FOUR routines that I do my best to follow:
1. Schedule time to read an empowering book or listen to an inspiring CD.
2. Follow a healthy diet and schedule time to exercise.
3. Slow down, reflect, and process thoughts in a journal.
4. Start my mornings focusing on positive affirmations and questions.
When I follow these four routines, my days are stronger in quality and results…and in the end…isn’t that what we strive for? To live our best daily?
Shawn Anderson

Best-selling Author
Motivational Keynote Speaker
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