Memorial Day Thanks


May 25, 2009...

A national vacation day visited America today.

For millions, the regular stress of a Monday was replaced with sharing time with friends and family, barbeques and beers. It was a day to ride a bike. It was a day to do yard work. It was a day to go shopping. It was a day to go to the water. It was a day to read a book. It was a day to just relax.

Gotta’ love a day like this. Gotta’ love the three day weekend. No pushing. No hurrying. No stressing.

But today did have a cost.

The fun we might have had today…the extra day off from work…it was because of sacrifices.

Sometimes, we forget just how darn easy we have it in America. Sometimes, we are spoiled by the luxury of our freedom. Sometimes, we even forget what really had to happen so that we can have a day like today.

But for anybody who has had a father, brother, uncle…a mother, sister, aunt…not make it home from war…they know.

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