Are You a "Possibility Thinker"?


September 18, 2012…

Do you look and wonder what is possible…or are you stuck on what seems impossible?
Possibility thinkers share two common qualities when it comes to focusing their vision on what they want in life.
1. They wear rose-colored glasses. Possibility thinkers look at all that is around them with a positive tint. They see failure or roadblocks as only temporary. To them, the best is always yet to come. When our brain gets stuck rattling only negative thoughts, “possibility" is forever limited.
2. Possibility thinkers routinely use binoculars. They have the ability to look past the short term and what currently exists, and they see the future and what CAN exist with continued action. "Possibility" always opens up when one's vision is cast much further down the road than the now.
Here is a question for you:
Are your dreams being dampened or even ignored because you routinely show a lack of vision?

Shawn Anderson

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