There is Something Worse than Hearing "No"


September 22, 2012...

The really ugly, awful truth about hearing “no” too many times is that it has the potential of making us rethink our goals.
“Seriously…do I want to hear ‘no’ forever? Maybe this goal really is impossible.”
Hearing “no” too often has the power to stop positive momentum. It has the power to prevent us from taking future risks. Wow. When that happens, that is really lousy. When temporary rejection turns into permanent failure, life will never have the same hopeful vibrancy for us again.
This is when we need to get tough. This is where we need to “go the extra mile.”
Sure, rejection stings, and no one likes to hear "no." But someone saying "no" carries only an emotional "ouch." Telling ourselves "No more!" and then quitting, however, carries the lifetime burden of wondering, "What would have happened if I hadn't quit?"
The second seems a heckuva’ lot worse to me.

Shawn Anderson

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