The Reason Failure is Easy


September 24, 2012…

Dreaming is the easy part. Developing a comprehensive plan on how to make the dream happen? Now that’s not so easy.
"Planning" is taking the time to memorize and practice your presentation beforehand. "Planning" is knowing every pro and con regarding your product so that if an objection arises, you are ready to overcome it. "Planning" is setting baby goals every day so that big goals can happen. "Planning" is saving money for a rainy day. "Planning" is not taking the easy road. "Planning" is following through with contacts…new and old. "Planning" is taking the time to research; it’s making the necessary phone calls; it’s spending the time that it takes to succeed. "Planning" is something that always needs to be done today…and never in hindsight tomorrow. 
Very little of that is easy. And because it’s not easy, is why failure often is.

Shawn Anderson

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