When We “Go the Extra Mile”…the Best Comes Out of Us


September 28, 2012…

I write and talk a lot about “going the extra mile.” But what does that mean?

It means putting in a greater effort than we normally do. It means extending ourselves in order to achieve a higher result.
When we “go the extra mile,” great things can potentially happen.
In our careers, we can take a giant step forward. We elevate ourselves to higher positions and paychecks. In our friendships, we find our greatest satisfaction. We experience our most meaningful relationships. In our communities, we help the greatest number of people. We experience our greatest sense of selflessness. In ourselves, we find our greatest joy and peace. We experience our greatest transformation and maximize potential. In our encouragement of others, we find celebration. We experience what it feels like to cheer for others and bring out their best.

And if we achieve all of that…isn’t that pretty great?

Shawn Anderson

Best-selling Author
Motivational Keynote Speaker
Success Coach

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