Tip #4 of 5: How to Guarantee "Limited" Success


October 9, 2012…
TIP #4: Act like a total victim.
Hey...the fact you are not succeeding is NOT your fault. Nah...it's gotta' be somebody elses' fault you aren’t getting what you want out of life. Agreed? Sure, ...go blame your employer for not paying you enough money. Blame your uninspiring spouse for you being unmotivated. Blame the government for screwing up everything. And don't forget to blame your parents for everything else because they raised you! Yep, the reason you are stuck in life is certainly attributable to one of these groups.

An alternative option: Are you tired of blaming people... and ready to look in the mirror? That's a great start to moving forward!  No one is to blame for your bad luck so quit blaming them. How about this instead: take responsibility and improve your life from the inside out. Huh? Yep. Why not start a daily self-improvement program: 1) exercise, 2) read motivational books, and 3) join an empowering organization. After all, we DO become what we do and what we think.

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