Tip #5 of 5: How to Guarantee "Limited" Success


October 10, 2012…

TIP #5: Just give up.
You know what? You might just be too old or too broke or too EVERYTHING to start over at this time in your life, so why even try? Don't even think about it. Just quit. Rest on your laurels. And how about pointing a finger or two at all your unlucky life breaks? Oh yeah. And watch more television.

An alternative option: Now I know this might be an outrageous though, but what about making your life count? Why not build on something that has purpose and meaning? Why not consider your legacy? As long as your heart is going "thump...thump...thump," you can still participate in life. You can still make a difference. You can still influence others. You can still create adventure and success for yourself. Why not make the decision to make your life count all the way until the very, very end?

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