Looking To Find Your Purpose?


October 29, 2012…

"When a solid purpose is present, passion easily comes."

I have had the privilege to interview hundreds of people in my life who are living their purpose. How did they find their purpose?

1. They took a significant event in their life and built on it. The initial cause and effect experience could have been great or horrible...but it was definitely dramatic. That single experience set the tone from which their purpose developed.

2. They simply built on something they truly love. They chose to create their life work around something that they can't wait to do every day. When you have that sort of enthusiasm for what you do daily, it's easy to be passionate about your life.

If you're looking to find your purpose...your "one thing"...try starting with one of the two motivating principles above.

And from there...watch passion flow.

Shawn Anderson

Best-selling Author
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