Affirmations Make a Difference!


October 31, 2012…

In traveling through Baltimore, Maryland, I met a woman named Dr. Hattie Washington. She runs a residential homes for boys. Next to the door in the home, there is a sign that the boys read daily:

"I am smart. I am great. I am nice. I am lovable. I am handsome." (Evidently, the boys insisted on including the "I am handsome" part.)

There is a ton of power in affirmations. They get your brain moving in the right direction about…YOU. When we have all our thoughts thinking and believing positive, key ideas about ourselves, those ideas will start to become a part of our identity. (Unfortunately, too, the opposite can be true.)

To live at your highest levels, to reach your highest points of potential…believe in yourself.

And take note from a group of handsome boys in Baltimore.

Shawn Anderson

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