Grunge Work


May 31, 2009...

There are times when working towards a goal...when working towards not fun.

It's when the "grunge work" is involved. 

What's the "grunge work"? It's the details. Those tiny, non-pleasant, pesky...all-important details. 

It's the writing. It's the calling. It's the going over things a third time.

It's the minutiae. It's the organization. It's the follow-through.

The thing about the "grunge work", however, is that it is the mortar in between the bricks. It's what holds a great plan together. It's all the necessary steps to make a goal happen.

The "grunge work" may be no fun...and dirty, hard work...but there is no doubt that it is necessary. Big success always requires it.

If you want success...then don't ignore the "grunge."

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