"I wish!"


November 14, 2012…

We live in interesting times. Advertisements -- everywhere -- remind us of the "amazing" products we "can't live without." Our desire begins to ache regarding how great it would be to talk on the next-generation phone…and in a couple of easy finger motions, we can order flowers, make dinner reservations, and check email all within five minutes...on the same gadget.

"Wow! I wish I had one of those!" The "I wish..." phenomenon is everywhere.

In the last few days, I have personally run into a number of "I wishes":

1. A newsletter reader wrote: "I wish I could find another job."
2. Overheard in a department store: "I wish I could afford to buy that."
3. A friend in conversation: "I wish I could find a girlfriend that liked hiking."
4. An email exchange: "I wish I felt better."

I guess I have one wish, too. I wish this holiday season would mark the beginning of wishes being made for others…rather than ourselves.

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