Sharpening Your Ax...(Part 2)


December 23, 2012…

As the contest began, 50 tree rounds were lined up in front of each contestant. The log splitting giant began to whip his mighty ax over his head and back down with awesome force. He easily split his first 30 tree rounds while the underdog opponent had split only 25.

With the giant lumberjack's lead building, the smaller man picked up his ax and walked away. The giant laughed his hearty lumberjack laugh and kept bringing his ax down on the tree rounds in front of him. He mocked his opponent for seeming to be tired and taking a break.

When the smaller man returned, he trailed by 12 logs. What's more, the vocal giant needed to split only 13 more round in order to claim the title. There was no doubt that every person witnessing this great log chopping contest agreed that it would be the giant who was soon to be lifting his ax triumphantly over his head in victory.

That is, all agreed except for one person...the giant's opponent.

Amazingly, the underdog began splitting logs with astonishing speed. The giant's lead was quickly cut in half...and then in half again. As the smaller man brought down his final blow on log 50, the giant stood in shock...log 49 still in front of him.

"How could you beat me!" the giant bellowed. "I never even stopped to take a rest like you!" 

"Ah! But there's your mistake, sir! I never took a rest!" declared the smaller man. "I merely stopped to sharpen my ax!"

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