A 2013 Lesson From Napoleon Bonaparte


December 26, 2012…

As we begin to set new goals for 2013…maybe even goals in which we have failed in achieving with an earlier New Year's resolution…perhaps we can take a lesson out of the playbook of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Bonaparte once had his troops burn their own ships as they entered a new battle. He was said to have told his men that if they were to ever return home, they would have to go back in the enemy's ships. He took away the possibility of retreat...and empowered his men to move forward with even more determination. He knew that it's hard to succeed if you're looking back.

Bonaparte didn't allow for a Plan B to be planted in his men's minds. "In case we don't win…we can always turn around and go go home." Not possible with Bonaparte.

Perhaps if you take the possibility of retreat out of your own resolutions, you might find yourself moving forward with more success than ever, too.

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