Which Person Are You?


January 10, 2013...

Person A: Sends five resumes a week hoping for a job. He gets zero calls. He says, "It's too discouraging to keep applying. I need to wait 'till the economy changes before jobs will open up."

Person B: Submits twenty-five resumes a week. Most come back with the same answer: "We're sorry..." Maybe an interview or two pops up. She says, "Sure the 'Not Interested' responses hurt, but I have to keep giving someone a chance to say 'Yes!"

Person A: Is in an unedifying relationship and is absolutely confident there is someone else better, but still he chooses security over happiness. He thinks, "I could do worse."

Person B: Realizes that total mediocrity is the best her relationship is ever going to get. She takes the risk and moves forward. She thinks, "Life is too short to get so little."

The scenarios change, but Person A and B never do.

We all have a choice to be person A...or B. Which person are you?

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