Throwing in the Towel


June 6, 2009...

It's easy to want to do at times.

To throw in the towel.

To wave the white flag.

To quit.

A relationship sours. A job becomes stressful. An idea is shot down.

The easy thing to do is to abandon something that once was inspiring to your spirit.

But is that the best thing? Is that what will make you feel the best ten years down the road?

Sometimes to get the best out of ourselves...and life...we need to absorb the blows. We need to find a way to get through the tough times without quitting. We need to reject the thoughts that keep us from moving forward.

Quitting rarely carries a positive connotation. It causes us to lose faith in ourselves. It promotes making smaller goals. It leads to mediocrity.

So if you have thrown in the towel recently, maybe it's not too late to walk back onto the field and pick it up again. Maybe it's time to absorb another blow or two...and in the end, give yourself a chance to get what you really want.

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