Internal Goal Success Leads to External Goal Success


January 26, 2013…

In my mind, there are two types of personal goals: 1) External, and 2) internal.

External goals are the ones that everyone else can see: the job, the travel destination, the new car, etc. They are life's "bricks."

Internal goals help us become our "best person." They are the goals that are tied to our character and are there for others to see. I consider these goals the "mortar" that hold the "bricks" together.

One of my internal goals is to develop a "permanent state of gratitude." Being grateful for what I do have, and not worrying about what I don't have. An "attitude of gratitude" softens my heart. It helps me push pride aside, and allows me to cheer for others.

And when my internal goals are being achieved, my external goals are a whole lot easier to reach, too.

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