The "Sum" of the "Somes"...Part 2


February 3, 2013…

As a writer and a speaker, I often find myself in isolated working situations. Yet my success is not tied to just my performance, but also to the performance of those around me: marketing people, editors, event planners. I need those people…just as much as they need me.

Sometimes, it's easy to forget that we are each just a single number in the entire "sum"…and it's the "sum" that makes things happen…not just the "one." It becomes easy to forget that we need others. Sometimes, our own giant ego blocks the light, and we act too much like individuals...and forget the other "SOMES."

And when we do this, failure often follows.

Let's remember to show appreciation to all the other "somes" that make our businesses, our organizations, and our families really click. Say "thank you" and share with others just how important their roles are.

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