The perfect person at the perfect time


June 11, 2009...

There are not too many feelings in life as a great as an "encouraging word," is there?

Some of the encouragement we once received may have even changed our lives.

Think about a time when you felt totally down and discouraged. Remember a time when you needed a lift and the right person at the right time came along...and lifted your spirits. Go back to your past and think of a moment when someone's positive energy re-instilled a sense of hope and kept you forging ahead.

It could have been words that kept you in school. It could have been encouragement to keep you looking for the job. It could have been wisdom that caused you to stay in a relationship. It could have been an injection of hope that allowed you to believe in yourself.

Whatever it was...the words meant something.

They meant hope.

They meant inspiration.

Maybe there is someone in your life today that needs that same sort of inspiration and energy.

How about becoming their perfect person at the perfect time?

You could change their world.

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