The "Other Person Disease"


July 3, 2009...

One disease you don't read a whole lot about is called the "Other Person Disease."

This disease is responsible for so many bad and horrible things in the world that it's surprising we don't read more about it.

"It's her fault we broke up." "He just couldn't communicate!" "It's my assistant's fault we didn't get the information out on time." "My boss didn't tell me to do it!" "My son has no respect for how hard I work for my money!" "My dad won't give me the money to go!"

If you have ever caught anything close to any of these words (or many phrases like them!) slipping out of your mouth, you need to be careful. These are all classic signs you could be coming down with the "Other Person Disease."

Keep showing the signs for too long, and it could be fatal.

To your happiness.

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