Habit #1 to Break For More Success: Facebook


January 27, 2014…

Focusing on creating the positives in our lives often starts with getting rid of the negatives. If our lives…in any area…are not what we truly desire, here is habit #1 (of seven) we can break that will help us walk in a more results-oriented direction:

HABIT #1: Quit hanging out on Facebook.
Facebook is a fun way to kill time, but that's what it does: it kills time. Time that could be used to create, inspire and build. When time passes, that’s it. We can’t get it back. None of us can. Therefore, the time we do have is too darn precious to waste. Agreed?

Sure, sometimes we need a mental break. But if we really look at how much “break time” we spend fooling around on the Internet in the course of a day (and week!) and took just 50% of that time to focus on an activity or goal that might REALLY improve our lives, I have no doubt our lives would change for the better.


Alternative option #1:
How about we set a goal or two that is truly spectacular? And every time we think of going on Facebook or mindlessly surfing the Internet, we tackle one of those goals instead…if but for only 20 minutes.

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