"Superstar" aspirations


July 14, 2009...

I met a new superstar today.

Her name is Jenn and she is a recent graduate of UCLA.

Her GPA? Something over a 3.9. (I can't remember the rest of the numbers because my brain froze after hearing the first two.)

Is it her GPA that makes her a superstar? Is it because she graduated from a certain college? Is it because she loves her job and is a member of a great organization?

"No" to all questions.

It's her energy. Her attitude. Her "can do" spirit.

It's her desire to dream big. Take risks. Her humility.

It's how she treats people.  Her discipline. And how she believes in herself.

These are things to which we can all aspire.

What makes people like Jenn superstars in my book is not what they accomplish. It's how they live their lives.

And in this, we can all aspire to reach a little further...and maybe discover our own "superstar" status.


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