An exhilarating day!


July 31, 2009...

Today was my most invigorating ride of the Extra Mile America Tour. Usually, I like to pass on a message with this blog, but today, I just want to share a story.

On the 70+ mile ride today, the scenery was striking at times (great rock formations), and nature came out to greet me (a run in with a giant snake in MY bike lane, and a coyote giving me the eye when I had stopped out in the middle of nowhere to get off my bike for a drink).

But the most thrilling part of my day was getting through the Carlin Tunnel. Carved through a mountain for about two hundred yards, this very THIN stretch of road had no bike lane. It did, however, have a small ledge of which I could walk and push my bike. The problem was, though, the ledge was NOT much wider than my shoulders, and the BIG trucks literally passed mere FEET from me as I attempted to share the ledge with my bike...walking.

Now riding Highway 80 through Nevada, I have gotten used to being yards away from the BIG BOY trucks...but feet away? WOW! And in this tunnel, the trucks sound is magnified so much it seemed that one 747 airplane after another was barreling down at me!

I'll tell you what, it feels darn good writing tonight.

And for some reason, I have even forgotten how tired I am.

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