Marker 412...


August 2, 2009...

The individual mileage markers keep ticking by: 57, 109, 237, etc.

Today, I reached 412 which equates with being in Wendover, Nevada.

The mileage markers indicate how many miles I have pedaled in Nevada after crossing the border from California. No doubt, they are much more readily noticeable at a bicycle pace, and when you're hot and tired, they come by very slowly.

Tomorrow, I will enter state #3, Utah, with my sites optimistically set on a City Hall date of August 5th to interview more Extra Mile Americans.

Nevada has had a unique beauty.

I will miss the beautiful early morning skies and the fresh air. I will miss the open lands, and the encouraging honks of the big trucks on Highway 80. Sure there have been MANY times I wish I was anywhere in the world other than on my bike in the desert sun...but these are the days...where we each truly need to cherish where we are and what we are doing.

Because soon enough, today turns into yesterday, and even moments that were more challenging at the time, seem more precious in retrospect.

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