Riding in the rain


August 15, 2009...

On Saturday, riding from Colorado Springs toward Denver, it rained.

At times, it poured.

things got a little "too wet," I would pedal as hard as I could to
where where my support van was parked a few miles up the road, and jump
in until the rain subsided. It's hard to wait, though, when you know
the miles are still ahead of you.

Eventually, nature broke with
the "hard stuff" and let me get by with just a little rain. I had
forgotten, however, that when you ride in the rain and on wet roads,
the back bike tire kicks up the water on your "seat" as you pedal. The
faster you pedal, the more water comes up.

Days on the road are never quite perfect.

But the surprises that await us when we get out there in
life and "pedal", certainly make life interesting.

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