Raining and falling...


August 26, 2009...

Some days are just tough.

Some days, it feels like it "rains" down on us all day. Some days, we even fall once or twice attempting to get through the day.

Today...well... I had a bit of both.

For real.

Riding from Lincoln to Omaha, it poured. Hard.

All day long...for hours...I rode totally drenched.

And then, I fell.

The shoulder next to the road was bad, and as I attempted to cross over onto the road, my bike tire hit the ledge. My momentum and the bike's momentun...well...they didn't coincide.

My knees wear the results.

Some days are tough, but all we can really do is get back on the bike...hope for "sunny skies" and "smooth roads."

The skies" and "roads" part we can't control.

All we can do is wake up with a great attitude...get on the bike...and give it our best the next day.

That's what I will be doing.

Every time it rains.

And every time I fall.

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