A matter of perspective


September 14, 2009...

My website crashed in the morning. We left a small ice chest at the hotel and it was not turned in. I was chased down a country road by a big white dog named "Vodka." My potential interview fell through in Marion.

But you know what? It was a really good day.

The Ohio weather was fantastic. The countryside was stunning. I met some very interesting people: a librarian (Betty) in LaRue, a reporter (Dan) in Kenton, and a very fun hotel desk clerk (Lori) in Delaware (Ohio). I shared waves with a couple of Amish men riding their horse and buggy into town. I felt the exciting cheer of a freshman football game in Richwood. And I enjoyed a couple of great bowls of clam chowder at a fun place called The Bag of Nails Pub.

Sometimes, it's just a matter of perspective of whether a day was good or bad.

But it's always our choice which to choose.  



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