Columbus, Ohio


September 16, 2009...

Today was a pretty special day.

The weather was brilliant...the extra mile people I met shared truly unique and inspiring stories...Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman declared 11/1/09 "Extra Mile Day"...NBC covered the EMA Tour...and I was shown VIP treatment by the VIP staff of FIRSTLINK.

FIRSTLINK is one of those very special community assets that hold a community together. They are the mortar that connects the bricks. They mobilize volunteers. They support people in need. They give others hope.

Today, I was lucky to meet a few of the passionate people that work at FIRSTLINK. You can tell how much they care about Columbus and others just by spending a few minutes chatting with them. They each exude a ton of warmth.

I believe that we are all just a few bad breaks away from needing an organization like FIRSTLINK to step forward for us. Of course, I hope that moment never arises for any of us...regardless...why don't you go out of your way and say "thank you" to the next social worker you run into.

They deserve it.

PS: Thank you, FIRSTLINK.  

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