October 1, 2009

Greater D.C. Cares and the very passionate and charismatic leader, Dr. Madye Henson, of this organization that serves over 750 area nonprofits and has a volunteer base of over 13,000 were amazing hosts today for city #13 on the Extra Mile America Tour. Conducting my interviews just five blocks from the White House, I felt a real sense of awe in our nation's capitol. I have been fortunate to come to Washington many times in my life, but every time, I still get caught up in the history of this great city. 

Today, too, was a great day for meeting some interesting people representing unique interests: fighting modern slavery (Ray Lian, Stop Modern Slavery), building Democracy 2.0 (Ian Storrar, Mobilize.org), sparking interest in science and technology for young minorities (Charles H. Britt, Center for Minority Achievement in Science and Technology), empowering African communities regarding human rights issues (Gannon Gillespie, Tostan), food and exercise disorders (Cary Larson, Rock Recovery), giving homeless children the chance to take art classes (Marget Maurer, Project Create), and teaching conflict resolution skills in the Middle East (Nevzer Stacey, HasNa). It was my privilege to share time with such passionate and purposeful people.

Before leaving D.C. today, I took some time to visit all of the monuments...again. Each time seeing them always feels like my first time. My favorite? The FDR Memorial. A new one on my list? The Extra Mile Memorial (15th and Pennsylvania Ave.). Stars on the sidewalk honor extraordinary "extra mile" Americans who have given so much through dedication to service and volunteerism. 

It was a fitting way to end my day in D.C.  

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