The Atlantic


October 22, 2009

The day was getting late, and it was bitter cold without my gloves. The sun was not sure if it wanted to hide for the rest of the day or still stay out and shine. Regardless, today was the day. I touched ocean.

In a place called Sandy Beach in Cohasset, Massachusetts, I dipped my front tire into the Atlantic. Ocean-to-ocean...I did it.

After riding so far for so many days, it was hard to believe that I was finally through. Walking my bike across the sand and finally dipping my tire into the water was one of those moments that I had visualized happening for weeks, but now that it was finally here, it didn't seem real.

All of a sudden, too, I felt a lot more tired. Maybe because I know that I can finally rest. The bike ride part of the Extra Mile America Tour is over.  

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