Storm Watching. Storm Walking.


November 14, 2009

You just gotta' keep walking. I know it's hard at times...but you just have to keep going.

A friend of mine lost her close friend this past week. Another friend
was forced into leaving her job because they required a move. So many
people I know are frustrated and exhausted at making ends meet with
limited financial resources.

The stories of "struggle" are all around. Really, it's in knowing this fact that I am personally motivated to keep doing what I do for a living. People need cheerleaders...and coaches...and help make things better.

If you're going through your own personal "storm," I encourage you just to keep walking depite the bitter cold...the biting rain...the overpowering wind. No storm lasts forever, and if you keep that umbrella held high, eventually things will subside.

And I know if the whole time you kept walking forward through your own storm without hunkering down, you'll walk out of the storm faster than if you waited for it to go away by itself.

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