The Highlight of the Day


December 12, 2009...

Do you have one? Do you have a "highlight of the day"?

At the end of each matter how successful or unsuccessful the day
seemed...I always look for a highlight. Some days my brain might not
want to pull one out...but that's when I just have to dig a bit deeper.
The highlight is there. It always is.

Something matter how big or small...happened. It could have been as
small a gesture as a kind word or smile from someone...but something
good did happen.

Was it something at work? Was it something to do with your family? Was it a
call from a friend? Was it that you exercised, kept your patience, or
helped a stranger.  Something good happens in every day.

Why do I look for my highlight?

Because when I look for one highlight...even on the rainiest of days...I can
always seem to find a second. And that ends my day with hope.

And it also gives power to my tomorrow.

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