Time Flies


December 15, 2009...

Life goes fast. Have you noticed?

Actually, I think as you get older, life flies by even faster. Silly, but it seems like it's true.

I'm in my late 40's. My mother is approaching 70. My grandmother is in her
mid 80's. Perhaps you're like me and think, "Wow! Where did time go!"

But this is a good thing.

To me, it's a reminder to have a strategy for my life. It's a reminder NOT
to think small. It's a reminder not to be petty. It's a reminder to
live with no regrets. 

Realizing just how fast time flies by should be a four alarm wake-up call for all
of us. Make sure you are doing what you want with your life. Don't put
off the trip you've always wanted to go on. Catch up with friends from
long ago who are on your mind. Get involved with that organization you
have been meaning to call. Get out there and make a difference. Take
action on creating a legacy.

Do all of these things! And do them all now!

Because someday, the time to do them will be past.

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