Invest in YOU!


December 18, 2009...

Investing. It's on a lot of people's minds.

Should I...or shouldn't I?

Should I invest in the Stock Market? Should I invest in buying a home?

Answers to these questions, I don't even begin to know. Let those who are far
more knowledgeable provide direction. However, there is one question
regarding the topic of "investing" for which I do know the answer.

Invest in yourself. Now. Later. All the time. No other investment has the potential to have a higher payoff.

Invest time, dollars, and energy in working on yourself. Invest in your
communication skills, your attitude, your knowledge base, and your
health. Invest in CD's, books and classes.

If you do, I can guarantee that in every other area of your life, prosperity and happiness will most assuredly find you.

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