A Touchy Topic


December 21, 2009...



Undoubtedly, this is not a subject high on many people's favorite discussion topics.
Talking about our rejections and failures takes us to a
place...well...it just doesn't feel very good to go there, does it?

But the "rejection" topic is super important as we move forward in
life...and frankly...we need to not only get used to it, but use it to
motivate us further.

Rejection comes with living. Rejection comes with setting goals. Rejection comes
with pushing outside our comfort zone and dreaming big.
Unfortunately, the pain of experiencing rejection a few too many times
can stop us in our tracks from taking risks in the future.

And when this happens, you do yourself a great disservice.

Sure, rejection stings...no one likes to hear "no." But someone saying "no"
carries little pain besides the emotional "ouch." Continuing to keep
"doing," however, carries the greater benefits of actually succeeding!

One big truth you need to let sink in: those that fail the most in life are potentially those likely to succeed the most.

Why? Because they give themselves the most chances to succeed!

In business, job hunting, sales, dating, friendships...don't quit because
of a few "no" answers. Because if you do quit...now...you know you'll
never experience the benefits of what you desire.

And if you don't quit? Well, now you've given yourself a chance to succeed!

And when you do, I have a pretty strong feeling that your new success will
make you appreciate all the rejections and failures it took to get

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