"Extra ordinary" versus "Extraordinary"


December 26, 2009...

In my mind, there are two different ways to live.

1. “Extra ordinary” 

2. “Extraordinary

“Extra ordinary” versus “extraordinary.”

The “extra ordinary” life is dedicated to nothing special. There is not great
purpose. No big risks. There is little positive adrenalin…and zero

The “extraordinary” life is full of dreams. It is constantly pushing outside of a comfort
zone. It is full of adventure, challenge, and “what if…?”

The “extra ordinary” life settles. It accepts second best in careers,
relationships, health, and dreams. Its biggest thrill comes from
arm-chair listening or watching others. 

The “extraordinary” life is dedicated to a motivating purpose. It desires to make a
difference…to serve. It creates opportunity and builds on possibility.

Extra ordinary” versus “extraordinary.

Two distinct ways of living.

Which life are you choosing?

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