The Glory...and the Gory


December 27, 2009...

The past.

We all have one.

Some people live in the glory days of their past. In doing so, they limit the glory days of their future.

people allow the failures of their past to choke their initiative and
drive. In doing so, fear strangles the chance to experience great new

In both cases...the glory and the gory...the past just never goes away. It shines forever front and center on our life stage. The good days. And the bad days.

The sad part is, when that happens neither the "present" nor the "future" are ever so bright.

And that's a problem.

So what should we do with our "past"?

Let's put our old trophies in a box...and go win new ones.

Let's make peace with previous failures...and give ourselves a chance to feel the excitement of chasing new opportunities.

Whether it be past jobs, businesses, or relationships...don't let your past mess up your future.

Let them all rest.

In the past.

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