My "Best Self"


December 31, 2009...

Of course, we all know 'tis the season of cheer and goodwill. It's the end of a special two week period each year when we bring out our "best self"
to life's party. We gave presents. We sent cards out by the dozens to
people we rarely talk to during the year. We smiled bigger, greeted people
more happily, and occasionally were even seen to be wearing that silly red
and white Santa cap.

But unfortunately, once the decorations come down, it seems like our "best self" gets boxed away, too.

It doesn't have to.

Maybe this year, the 2009 holiday season can extend into 2010
a bit further.  And then the cheers and goodwill can continue. And
maybe...just maybe...everything else in life will seem a bit more cheerful, too.

I think this year, I will carry my holiday spirit all year. What do you think?

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