Especially Today


January 3, 2010...

I was reminded today of why so many people continue to go nowhere.

I ran into someone who I know...not well...but that I have shared
conversation with on a couple of other occasions.  After running
through the required "How ya' beens?", we got to some more serious life

She was out of work...and was not optimistic about her chances of finding work.

I threw out a few extra mile ideas on what she might be able to do to get
some attention and separate herself from the resume crowd. My ideas
didn't catch. She rejected them all

"Oh, that just won't work. No way...I can't do that."

For a possibility thinker like me, I was being confronted with my arch
enemy: : The "I can't...I won't" attitude. My blood pressure was
starting to raise. My face was geting warm and it had little to do with
the 80 degree day.

I shut my mouth...and mind...and devised an escape plan. I smiled, wished
her well, and parted company graciously...and gratefully.

Bottom line in life: "If you do more of what you're currently doing, you're going to get more of what you've been getting."

We live in a different world, and now is simply not the time to practice the status quo. For some, however, it just makes more sense to follow outdated "How to find a job" rules.

Sometimes, though, success requires us to be different.

Especially today.

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