The other end of the phone...


January 15, 2010...

Courtesy and kindness go a long, long way to making life better.

in one form or another are inevitable. All of us have had a moment...or
two...or three... where we have had some need to contact the infamous
customer service line or talk with a representative regarding a problem
we are having. The reason for the call has caused us some inconvenience
and often we don't go into the conversation with the best attitude or

Sometimes even, we are flat out irritated.

And it shows.

tone, our words...they come through loud and clear to the person at the
other end of the call. And if you thought your day wasn't going well
initially, I dare you to show a bit of attitude to a customer service

And then watch how bad things get.

often take for granted the person on the other end of the phone. When
we do, we risk losing their potential assistance in doing everything
THEY can to help us. We give them very little reason to try their best.

you want to make your world more pleasant, then be generous in your
"thank yous" and show sincere gratitude to the person helping you.
Representatives who deal with "people problems" all day have tough
jobs. Make their job easier and watch what can potentially happen to
make your problem better.

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