One GREAT Thing about Getting Older? Wisdom!


February 6, 2010...

Last night, I went to a professional networking meeting. Maybe you've gone to a few, too. If not, these are the pre-arranged, casual get-togethers with a bunch of "creative" and "successful" people you've never met before.

I had been to a couple before...maybe three...maybe four. I don't think I'd ever been fully committed to meeting anybody who could truly add to my success in one of these situations. And I hadn't. Call it being close-minded.

Last night was different.

Maybe it was the setting. Maybe it was the individuals present. Undoubtedly, it was me.

My effort. My attitude. My interest. My maturity. Added together last night, those four reasons created an opportunity to meet some pretty impressive people. A few of these people had the ability...and open new doors and directions for me.

It was exciting. It was a great experience.

Often in life as we get older, we point to how great it was when we were younger. And then we sigh thinking "those were the days."

But sometimes...when we grow up...the chance to grow in wisdom can be pretty darn special, too.

And you know what? These are pretty grand days, too.

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