A Bee's Sting


February 9, 2010...

Have you ever been stung by a bee?

Those of us that have definitely know that this little insect can certainly carry quite the big-time "OUCH!". I was reminded today of that ouch feeling. Except it wasn't a bee. And it wasn't physical.

It was a mental sting.

I fell short of an anticipated goal, and I felt the "sting." But the cool thing about mental stings (translation: real-life disappointments) is that we have the opportunity to pull the "stinger" out quickly and end the "OUCH!" moment.

Things rarely go 100% as we would desire in life...especially it seems in areas that are super important to us. When we get "stung" in life, however, we have to remind ourselves, that we have two choices:

1) Let the sting hurt longer than it needs to, or 2) Pull out the stinger and get on with it.

Today, I pulled the stinger out and got on with it. It feels much better...sooner...when you do.

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