A lesson from an UNsubscriber


February 10, 2010...

Recently, I had a subscriber to my weekly M.A.P. to Success Circle! newsletter UNsubscribe. That's not the way things are supposed to work. What's supposed to happen is that each reader finds a valuable nugget, and then forwards the newsletter on to others who might benefit as well.

But again...it didn't work like that.

At first, I processed what happened emotionally. Yuck. And then my brain kicked in. If everybody were to agree with us all the time, it means that we are playing it too safe. So what did I learn from the UNsubscriber?

1. I am reminded that small disappointments can make us more passionate.

2. I am reminded that we should never let someone else's opinion cast a shadow on our efforts.

3. I am reminded to work harder to find more subscribers.

Pretty good lessons, huh?

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